Support Services

The medical systems remain complex and hard to understand.  There are few if any good services that help already overburdened families navigate the web of medical care, which further stresses the family and places more barriers between the child and a typical life.We provide parents, and other primary caregivers, with the following support services.

  • Someone who will listen without judgment
  • An honest, unbiased, objective perspective from the “outside”
  • Encouragement & support
  • Brainstorming of ideas, help with research and problem-solving
  • Referrals and resources in the medical, social services and educational communities
  • Training and tips to help parents more effectively work with their child’s medical team
  • Advocacy – Helping parents feel like someone is “on their side” and “can be their voice” if requested

Support is provided on a case by case basis based on the needs of the family. Support is provided via phone consultations, email and occasional home and inpatient visits. To learn more about our support services or to make a referral please contact us at