Governor Christie Signs Children’s Respite Home’s Legislation

A little over a year ago Connor’s House started the process of generating legislation to support NJ children’s respite and palliative care homes.  All existing regimes were too onerous to allow us to build them, so we had to start from scratch.  Thankfully Assemblyman Dan Benson took up our cause, and we wound up with more than 21 sponsors from both parties and A3558 passed both the Assembly and Senate unanimously and was signed by Governor Chris Christie yesterday.

We’re thrilled now to be starting the process of promulgating the regulations that will oversee children’s respite and palliative care homes, and the capital campaign to build Connor’s House.

If anyone would like to get more information on efforts to build children’s respite homes in NJ (or the US since there are more groups in other states I could connect you to) or get involved with the Connor’s House effort, please drop us a line at