Proposed Connor’s House Facilty

Connor’s House will have eight children’s rooms each with direct access to the gardens and accommodations for a family member. There will also be a separate family wing to accommodate up to four families at a time including siblings. Children, their families, and the house staff will eat meals together in the large dining room. There will be indoor and outdoor fully accessible play spaces as well as a muliti-sensory room and hydrotherapy pool.

Connor’s House will also have an onsite multi-purpose event space where we will host various community outreach and support events including Sibshops, parent support groups, play groups and bereavement groups.

Connor's House Facilty Artist's RenditionWhile the timeline will be influenced by many factors, our goal is to complete the development of the physical house within 5-6 years.  When complete, Connor’s House will be a safe, comfortable, positive place where care, typically given at home, will be provided by an experienced professional staff to some of the greater New Jersey areas most challenged children. These children and their families deserve an opportunity to just be “families” for a while, and to focus on enjoying each other, and living life to its fullest.

Children and their families can stay at Connor’s House for short periods of time for rest and recuperation, or treatment of distressing symptoms including end of life care and support when necessary. While at Connor’s House families will have the opportunity to meet with a care coordinator who will help them manage the medical system. They will also be able to join the Connor’s House community and participate in fun events on a recurring basis where children can play with other children and families can build and rekindle supportive relationships with other families dealing with similar experiences.