About Us

Connor and Scott Millard at the BeachConnor’s House was founded in 2009 in memory of Connor Scott Millard, a spunky 8 year old boy with significant medical and developmental challenges, whose strong desire to live a normal life  caused all involved in his care to push the envelope of current treatment in order to allow him to live at home as much as possible.

Connor’s House services provide the support needed to ensure families of children with life-shortening conditions have all the supports and resources needed to manage the 24/7 care requirements of their children while enjoying as normal and vital a family life as possible.

There are two million children in the U.S. who suffer from life-shortening illnesses, nearly 400,000 of which require ‘round-the-clock care. More than 10,000 of these families live in New Jersey.

These families face incredible personal, familial and job stresses – and often failures — because there are few, if any, accessible care and support services outside of institutional settings.  This complex, confusing and often contradictory care environment can overwhelm, and families need advocates and supports not only for a better outcome for their ill children, but for their family as a whole.

Currently Connor’s House provides support services for more than 65 families in New Jersey and the eastern United States, with clients coming through word of mouth.  Each family receives services designed to meet their specific challenges and needs, based not only on medical needs but also on the unique emotional, familial, professional and other challenges they face.

From the day of diagnosis of a life-shortening condition Connor’s House provides a comprehensive program of family-centered care including medical, psychological, social and spiritual services. These include but are not limited to: advocacy training; grief counseling; intervention and mediation; sibling support programs and events; medical and professional referrals; and sometimes just a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to lean on.